Returning to work safely

We are offering free support and advice for everyone in our buildings to help your teams safely return to the workplace

How can we help your team

Travel to the office safely

Helping staff avoid public transport with safe travel to work plans (cycling, driving, running and more).

Helping understand when the building is not busy (occupancy numbers, connect with other building users).

Keeping safe at work

Help source protective equipment and create a safe layout with social distancing and one-way systems.

Flexible COVID-19 prepared spaces at Huddle for any immediate workspace needs.

Ensure high quality work environment (info on  building systems, on floor HVAC advice and maintenance tips).

Set-up for a new normal

New technology to establish better collaboration.

Understand future space requirements.

Sensors to define and measure how  effectively my teams are working.

Five steps to help you
get back to the office

Step 1

Back to work survey

We’ve prepared a survey to understand your employees' concerns and inform how we can best help.

Step 2

Key information and tips

A collection of key information and useful tools and tips to help you get prepared for returning to the office.

Step 3

Your virtual workshop

To discuss how to return to the office safely with travel plans, PPE, social distancing strategies and much more.

Step 4

Bespoke space appraisal

We can help you adapt your workspaces for government guidelines with branded signage and wayfinding.

Step 5

Ongoing reviews

The situation is evolving and we will sit down with you regularly to discuss and revise our plans.

We have assembled

an expert team

Our team has the capabilities to support you and your employees with plans and measures for returning to the office safely.

Facilities management

Our in-house team has years of experience in all areas of managing office buildings, from all the air-conditioning to the cycle stores.

Interior Architecture

We have partnered with Spacelab, to offer cutting edge insights into establishing effective social distancing while working effectively. They will help you design an office that your teams will not just feel safe coming back to, but will set you up for the future.

Construction & Supply chain

Our in-house construction team and network of contractors, suppliers can help procure protective equipment, furniture, screens and carry out any works needed.

Branding & Signage

We can produce signage to assist with social distancing within the workplace that are bespoke to your brand or from our existing generic set.